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We’ve adapted following the closures of group training in Australia and built something that everyone can use at home while still being part of an amazingly supportive culture.

If you want to still train and still want to be part of interactive sessions full of other people just like you. Check out what we offer and how Onebody Online works.

Onebody Online Membership Features


Simple pick a training program to follow

We have a range of programs for various events and multiple levels of difficulty to challenge you.

There are various training to choose from within the following categories

  • Triathlon
  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Junior Development
Pick a training program to follow


Train Solo or train online with the group in our virtual sessions

Train Solo or train online with the group in our virtual sessions.

All our programs contain everything you need to train alone but we also have multiple daily virtual sessions so that you can still train with other people even if you cant train together in person.

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Login to find our Virtual Session Timetable

Simply check the timetable each week for our virtual sessions and log in when they suit you. If you can’t make the sessions on the timetable to do it as a group, no worries – simply download the session file to do in your own time or follow our step by step video based strength & mobility programs.

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Downloadable Files for all Training Sessions

If you do have smart training tools, we have made training online really. Simply download our training files and drag them into your preferred software.

Cant make a virtual strength session?

Simply follow the links in your training program and follow the video based training programs supplied. Or log back into the portal and replay one of the virtual sessions from anytime in the previous two weeks.

Virtual Strength Sessions

Whats coming next?

We have lots of ideas we are working on to keep growing our online community. A few of the ideas that will be rolled out in the coming weeks include

  • Guest Speakers talking live on topics were are all interested in so you can ask questions in real time
  • More sessions and a growing virtual timetable so that you have more options
  • Coach analysis sessions where we analyse video files and discuss training topics live
  • Virtual Pilates sessions
  • Virtual racing over Zwift
  • Group challenges & more

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Onebody Online is our web based training portal for our members to access their training programs, video libraries, live video feeds and our timetable for virtual training sessions